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The Next Generation
of Walking Canes

uSTICK is the next generation of walking canes. From an alert button, fall detection and location tracking to a palm warmer with temperature sensors and more, uSTICK has everything you need to walk comfortably and safely.


With a wireless charging station, incoming call alerts and more, uSTICK keeps you connected in more ways than one.


Easy to Use

Whether you want to warm your hands or adjust the height of your cane, comfort is activated with just a touch of a button.


Safe and Secure

uSTICK’s emergency features like fall detection, location tracking and alert system are like a security blanket when you’re on the move.


Small Startup,

Big Technology

There’s no limit to how big an impact innovation can make. Founded in 2016, BNET-TECH INC. is driven by a mission to make life easier, simpler and more convenient. Dedicated to enhancing mobility, safety and comfort for seniors, we combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to elevate active aging to another level.

Award Winning Innovation

Changes to mobility is a common change that comes with age, yet it’s critical for everyday function and for older adults to continue living independently. While there are many assisted mobility devices, only uSTICK has the award-winning technology to provide an all-in-one solution for helping seniors and people with mobility issues stay mobile safely, conveniently and comfortably.

Make Life Easier

With Features Caregivers Trust

Caregivers Have

Peace of Mind

With uSTICK you know your loved ones will be safe, even when you’re not there.

Emergency Response

At Your Fingertips

USTICK’s alert button immediately notifies emergency contacts while simultaneously sounding an alarm to alert people nearby.

Know Where and When

Help is Needed

Stay connected and in the know when it comes to your loved one with fall detection notifications and location tracking that helps you locate them in an emergency.

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